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Lake Grappa History

It all started of as a dream for the Visser family. The eldest son (GJ Visser) started water skiing from a very young age. He started skiing on the Orange river. As a result of a whole mission to pack the boat and getting his equipment ready to go and ski on the river. And not to mention the time it took to get the slalom course set in the river.  The other reason was the farm needed a new bigger irrigation dam. So we decided that it was time to make our dream come true.
This all started early 2007 we started with the digging of the lake in our own backyard . We did all this with our own equipment. It took us round about a year to build this lake . We even had to use some dynamite. In total we have moved 110 000 m³ gravel and 8 000 m³ stone. We had  a spectacular show with the dynamite blasts. The lake is 700m long by 75m wide.  From when we started filling the lake with water it took 5 weeks to reach its level.

Upcoming Events

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